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Bath Remodel


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Superior Bath System

by Energy Smart

Providing you with options of comfort, safety, and beauty to enhance the quality of your bath or shower. There is nothing quite like the look and feel of a newly remodeled bathroom.

400% Scratch Resistance | Superior Bath System

Certified Installers

Elephant Test | Bathtubs & Showers | Superior Bath System

Custom Designs

3-times More Acrylic | Superior Bath System

Financing Options

Simple to Clean – Low Maintenance

4.8 Star Reviews

Simple to Clean – Low Maintenance

Lifetime Guarantee


Find out how you can remodel your bath or shower at a fraction of the cost of a traditional remodel and can be completed in as little as one day! Choose from a variety of colors, patterns and options to design a bathroom that fits your personal style.
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One Day Bath Remodel

Affordable & Elegant Designs

In your new bathtub or shower, you will enjoy the warm water and the joy that comes from your new elegant bathroom. Your new bathroom will be a wonderful place to relax and wash away your daily cares.

  • 2 out of 3 homeowners choose Superior Bath System’s for durability, beauty, and the simplicity to clean
  • Our baths and showers are made of modern solid surfaces with either The Onyx Collection or non-porous acrylic, so there is nowhere for dirt and germs to hide
  • Our solid surface products come in a variety of colors and patterns; you can get the look and feel of tile without the disgusting mold and mildew
  • Little to no demolition or mess.

You can get a new elegant bathroom in as little as One Day!

Build Your Own Bath

Build Your Own Bath

Use Our Bath Builder Technology

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